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Based in beautiful Chicago, High Note Media has been serving happy customers for close to a decade through a small collection of micro-niche business divisions.

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High Note Media stays successful by focusing on a small range of products and services that it can deliver exceptionally well.

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A serial creative solopreneur, Brian Kerr owns and operates every aspect of High Note Media. Brian is a go-to custom product supplier, freelance marketing consultant, copywriter, and designer for clients across the USA and Canada. He’s also a huge music enthusiast.

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Business Divisions & Brands

High Note Media is organized into a few different brands and divisions. Each business division runs through its own website, but billing is handled centrally through High Note Media. Browse the descriptions below for a quick overview. Follow the links to each individual website for the complete experience.

Brian's Beanies

Brian’s Beanies

100% Custom Winter Headwear

Make the most of the cold winter months: Get outside and outfit your entire group with awesome quality super-custom cold weather headwear from Brian’s Beanies.

Work with a professional custom headwear designer to get the look you want. Or, follow my design guide and template to come up with your own creative design.

Website: www.briansbeanies.com
E-mail: brian@briansbeanies.com
Phone: 1 (773) 938-6333

Decide Direct

Decide Direct

Direct Marketing Creative – To Creatives

Decide Direct provides consulting and freelance marketing services to businesses that target Creative Professionals.

Check out Decide Direct’s twice-a-month email newsletter “Azure Arrow” for tips about direct marketing to creatives. Plus, I keep the space creative by throwing in cool music, art, tech, and other stuff I think creative pros might want to check out.

More about Azure Arrow: www.decidedirect.com/newsletter-info/
Website: www.decidedirect.com
E-mail: brian@decidedirect.com
Phone: 1 (773) 938-6333

Icon Emblem

Icon Emblem

Patches, Pins and More!

Icon Emblem offers ultra-competitive pricing and a commitment to supplying superb quality products. Join our growing list of happy customers and make Icon Emblem your go-to supplier of patches, pins, and more.

Website: www.iconemblem.com
E-mail: order@iconemblem.com
Phone: 1 (773) 938-6333

Jersey Emblems

Jersey Emblems

Embroidered Logo Emblems for Athletic Apparel

Jersey Emblems supplies the sporting goods apparel market with the highest quality custom designed embroidered and layered twill team logo emblems.

Specializing in embroidered emblems and patches for team athletic apparel, Jersey Emblems provides a friendly and efficient ordering experience to team uniform suppliers, screen printers, embroiderers, league coordinators, parents, pro shops, and teams.

Website: www.jerseyemblems.com
E-mail: design@jerseyemblems.com
Phone: 1 (773) 938-6333

New Dimension Mail

New Dimension Mail

Promotions through the mail

Reward loyal customers. Get the attention of valuable prospects. Send incentives to your nonprofit’s donors.

New Dimension Mail specializes in supplying customized promotional items that are specifically designed to be sent through the mail. Check out our website and… who knows? Maybe you’ll end up getting something free in the mail!

Website: www.newdimensionmail.com
E-mail: mail@newdimensionmail.com
Phone: 1 (773) 938-6333